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Africa to America

Our flagship performance.  We perform this on demand.  Africa to America combines the history, culture and language of three iconic dance styles – West African Dance, Jazz Swing and Hip Hop – and conveys how the styles grew from one another. Through crowd participation and an inspirational mix of dance, song and poetry, Director Alicia Sunshine Depry-Gbaho, engages students into experiencing dance’s transition using lively choreography. Book Africa to America for your event today! 

Ad Hoc Services

We flex with the industry.  Have a idea where our company fits?  Contact us and we’ll see if we can fill it.  Our dancers are experienced in numerous fields of dance, acting, art  and production.

Lifestyle Change

 Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Customized Choreography

Lead by seasoned dancer/director Alicia Sunshine, our team can readily create custom choreography for special occasions, events, weddings, worship services, music acts, university concerts, school functions, school recitals for all grade levels.  Let our dynamic company help bring your event to life

Private Lessons and Training

Need a more focus dance and/or fitness experience? Great! Alicia Sunshine has what you are looking for. One on one or Small group Sessions!

Special Events

Corporate, Galas, and Weddings

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