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Support the artist of The AfroKuumba Dancers Dance Company by adopting a dancer for our upcoming 2023/2024 Season!

Adopt a Dancer Program

Join us in our mission to empower dancers on their artistic journey. Your invaluable support can significantly influence a dancer's growth, ensuring they receive the best tools and training.

How It Works:

  1. Essential Dance Items Support: Dance items like shoes and costumes can vary in price, typically ranging from $10 to $125. On average, a dancer's essentials cost between $30 to $60. With your one-time donation, you can cover these costs, giving our dancers the equipment they need to excel.

  2. Sustainer Support: Choosing this option means committing to a dancer's monthly tuition. A contribution of $65 a month, billed over 10 payments, ensures continuous training for one dancer. The mode of payment is flexible – be it a lump sum, by semester, or monthly payments.

Stay Connected:

Regardless of your chosen support type, you'll receive a photo and a brief biography of your adopted dancer. Witness their growth, cheer them on during our online showcases, local performances, and our grand company concert on June 8th, 2024.

Why Support?

Becoming a part of the "Adopt a Dancer" program transcends financial support. It's about forming lasting bonds and contributing to the personal and artistic evolution of a dancer. Your commitment tells our dancers they're valued, their aspirations are achievable, and they're accompanied on their path.


Message from Alicia Sunshine: Thank you for considering the Adopt a Dancer program. We're thrilled to potentially have you as part of the AfroKuumba family. Your support can shape the future of many talented dancers. Should you have questions or need further details, please contact us. Together, let's dance towards a brighter future.

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