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Welcome to Alicia Sunshine

Your Resource For Integrated Art, Dance, Health And Wellness

Dance and Fitness Programs for ALL Levels

Alicia Sunshine is as an educational specialist that has strong ties to the schools & communities, she serves through integrated art programs.  She offers programs that are informed, up to date and engaging. Classes are in person, virtual and hybrid.  

Alicia Sunshine offers classes that are are geared towards dance enthusiast, professionals and social dance lovers! She always creates a warm & energizing environment that encourages creativity, growth, and passion.

 Her business, Beyond Measure, LLC  is your resource for integrated art, dance, health and wellness.

We have services that will take you beyond your fitness and artistic fervor! No matter the request and regardless of your experience level and age! We believe in the power of dance. Our top services our Beyond Measure Dance Theater, Afroetics, & T.A.K.D.

Alicia Sunshine


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Devon Graham, CEO Mom Empire

Alicia Sunshine is so dope. Afroetics gives me life. I am so thankful that you give me and others what we need in person and virtual. I so enjoy class and your energy.

Ali Mays, Artist Singer & Entrepreneur.

  This is one of the best decisions I ever made!!!! Like, I put this class in my budget!!


Latonya Rayford

If you want to be healthier and get stronger while learning some awesome moves, go to this class!

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